Together we will send Richard to Frankfort to be a fighting voice for the 35th District!

About Richard

Richard is an experienced advocate for working families and progressive values.

He has called Louisville home for years. As an organizer with a local union that unites janitorial workers, manufacturing workers, and railroad employees in Kentucky, Richard has found his calling in empowering working people to fight for improvements in their workplaces and communities.

A graduate of the University of Kentucky, Richard worked for five years in Democratic Party politics across the country before eventually settling in Louisville. As a child, Richard and his parents and sister would frequently visit Louisville to see Richard’s grandmother, who called Louisville home for nearly eighty years, living much of that time off Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

“Louisville is where my family first settled when they came to America many years ago. I’ve made this city my home because our people are fighters, we aren’t afraid of bold new ideas, and because we stand together in tough times. We believe in community and we believe in leaving a better world for future generations.”

“I want more people to know the fair, inclusive, and forward-thinking Louisville that I see every day.”

Richard is running for State Representative because we need another fighting voice in Frankfort. Richard is committed to the 35th District and will be an advocate for the people of our community.

I Need Your Support

I cannot win without your strong endorsement. If you share the values that this campaign is about, I need you to stand with me, and join our campaign to send another fighting voice to Frankfort.