Together we will send Richard to Frankfort to be a fighting voice for the 35th District!


Teamsters Local 89

Teamsters Local 783

IUE-CWA Local 83761

CWA Local 3310

Carla F. Wallace
Co-Founder, Louisville Showing Up for Racial Justice
Co-Founder, Fairness Campaign

United Auto Workers Local 862

Sheet Metal Workers/SMART 110

United Steel Workers Local 1693

Our Revolution Greater Louisville

Our Revolution (National)

Democracy For America

Louisville Professional Firefighters Local 345

United Mine Workers of America

IBEW Local 369

Laborers Local 576


JCPS School Board Representative Chris Kolb

Jonathan Miller
Former Kentucky State Treasurer


Greater Louisville Central Labor Council

AFL-CIO Kentucky

National Association of Letter Carriers Branch 14

State Representatives:
Attica Scott
Al Gentry
Jeff Donohue

Former State Representative and House Speaker pro-tem Larry Clark

“Your exceptional work on behalf of working men and women and your devotion to the Union cause made you the best choice to represent Louisville’s 35th District. With the sudden change in the House last year and Matt Bevin occupying the Governor’s mansion, there is a real danger… It is not only unions that are in danger, the poorest amoung us, the disenfranchised, the people who need the most help are in the most danger. It is only with clear-headed thinkers like you in Frankfort that we can hope to steer the Commonwealth back from the brink.”

IBEW Local 369

“You have proven over the years to be a hard-working individual with great integrity, character, and intuition. Furthermore, [we] know you will devote yourself to protecting the livelihoods and communities for our Teamster families and all working families in the state of Kentucky. The Executive Board of Teamsters 89 has unanimously voted to endorse your candidacy.”

Teamsters 89

“I know Richard Becker, not because he came to me when he decided to run for office, but because he has been active in social justice for a long time. Whether it was helping Louisville Showing Up for Justice think through our approach to labor groups, push metro government on immigrant rights and police accountability, Richard has been there, in the streets with us, not just in the boardrooms. He has long been a supporter of LGBTQ equity, and understands that all these issues are connected.”

Carla F. Wallace

“As a union organizer, Richard has tirelessly fought for the rights of working people. He knows that when we organize, we can defeat corporate greed. In the statehouse, Richard will fight for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, and protecting public pensions so that all Kentucky residents can live and work with dignity.”

Larry Cohen

Chair of the Board for Our Revolution and former President of the Communication Workers of America

“In the years that we have worked with you at NCFO, you have proven to be a staunch defender of working people, a dedicated organizer, and a thoughtful, forward-thinking member of our union family. I am pleased to inform you of our endorsement of your candidacy… Once you have been sworn in, we look forward to working with you to further the progressive agenda we share.”


“I was thrilled when my friend Richard Becker told me he was running for Kentucky State Representative. Richard is exaclty the person we need in Frankfort: fearless, hard-working, caring and intelligent.”

Chris Kolb

JCPS School Board Representative

“Richard is going to be a great state representative. He knows not just that we need to fight anti-worker, intolerant forces in Frankfort, but Richard knows how to fight them. He’s going to bring people together and inspire them. He’s going to help them imagine the things that are possible, and the steps to get there from here. I know Richard is going to be a great state representative because I’ve been watching Richard lead for over a decade now.”

Jonathan Miller

“We are committed prochoice voters electing representatives who reflect our values. We value prochoice leadership, practical action and partnership. We are a prochoice nation. Let’s vote like one.”


I Need Your Support

I cannot win without your strong endorsement. If you share the values that this campaign is about, I need you to stand with me, and join our campaign to send another fighting voice to Frankfort.