Together we will send Richard to Frankfort to be a fighting voice for the 35th District!

Protecting Our Environment

As a former board member of the Kentucky chapter of the Sierra Club, Richard has long been an advocate for policies that protect our environment, expand the creation of green jobs, incentivize the use of clean energy technologies, curb the use of fossil fuels, and fight back against the threat of climate change.

Richard agrees with the 99+% of scientists who know that climate change is real, caused by humans, and fixable with the right public policy.

  • Create more so-called “green jobs”
    Policies that incentivize the creation of green jobs meet two needs at once: providing jobs for workers displaced by the decline of coal, and expanding clean energy in Kentucky.
  • Fight Republican efforts to make it more difficult for consumers to use clean energy technologies in their homes.
    The Republican majority in Frankfort has repeatedly tried to make it harder for Kentuckians to use wind and solar power on their property, and sell back excess energy to utility companies. We must resist these attempts to curb the private use of clean energy.
  • Increase funding for urban tree canopy revitalization.
  • Invest in mass transit.
    We must increase funding for existing public transport options like TARC, while also creating and funding new mass transit options like light rail and streetcars. Mass transit will create jobs, lower carbon emissions, and spur economic growth in connected communities.
  • Restore funding to state and local-level pollution enforcement, and restore the Cabinet for Environmental Protection.
  • Expand clean energy technologies.
    If Kentucky is going to create a truly 21st century economy, we must update our power infrastructure. This means moving away from fossil fuels and toward clean energy technologies like wind, solar, and hydroelectric power.
  • Expand electric car infrastructure.
  • Create a state-level “cap-and-trade” program.

I Need Your Support

I cannot win without your strong endorsement. If you share the values that this campaign is about, I need you to stand with me, and join our campaign to send another fighting voice to Frankfort.